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We provide personal injury loans for a variety of cases within the personal injury space. We will take a look at the specific details of your particular case and do everything we can to help you receive the financial assistance you are looking for. For the majority of cases, we provide injury loans within 24 hours of approval.

Auto accidents are the most common type of personal injury case. Qualifying for an accident loan depends on your injury, insurance coverage, medical bills, and case type. 

Bicycle Accidents and

According to the Federal Highway Safety Administration (FHSA), each year nearly 60,000 bicyclists are injured in motor vehicle crashes, 900 of whom are killed because of the accident. Three fourths of bicycle-motor vehicle accidents occur near driveways and intersections and during the early evening when visibility is impaired and traffic volume is elevated.

If you are involved in a bicycle accident and don’t need immediate medical attention, take the following steps: gather driver information and license plate, gather witness information, and take video, photographs, or other recordings of the scene.

Then immediately consult a local car accident lawyer. When you are gathering witness information, ask for contact information and identification as you may have difficulty locating them after the fact. This may help your case if the driver leaves the scene. However, if emergency personnel insist you receive medical treatment, that should be your top priority.

Qualifying for a personal injury settlement advance on your bicycle accident depends on the nature of your injuries, the liability of the vehicle, and the insurance coverage available. Your injuries may prevent you from working, we’re here to help.

Motorcycle Accidents and Accident Advances

Many times, a motorcyclist is not at fault in an accident. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, and need financial assistance, apply with us today to see if you qualify for a personal injury loan. Motorcycle crashes can be caused by:

· Distracted drivers- Motorcycles tend to be harder to see on the road than larger vehicles. Drivers that are not vigilant can be distracted and not see a motorcycle pull out onto a highway for example. This can lead to lane changes that end up in an accident when a driver does not check for a motorcycle.

· Drunk Drivers- Motorcycles are at more risk from being hit by a drunk driver because they are harder to see. Impaired people are a danger to everyone especially people on motorcycles.

· Aggressive drivers- Sometimes a driver can become aggressive when dealing with traffic. When these drivers threaten motorcyclists, there can be terrifying accidents.

· Traffic violations, defective motorcycle parts, and road hazards can all contribute to motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can cause severe injuries including traumatic brain injuries, skull fractures, fractured collarbones, fractured ribs, and leg fractures to mane a few. Motorcycle injuries can require emergency medical attention. After a motorcycle accident, personal injury loans can be a lifeline.

Personal Injury Loans

Commercial Truck Accidents and Injury Loans

Motor vehicle accidents can be frightening, however any accident involving an 18 wheel truck, or a smaller commercial vehicle can be terrifying. Cases involving commercial vehicles and trucks can be extremely complex. You should seek out an attorney with specific truck accident experience. After retaining an attorney, if you are in need of financial assistance, you should give us a call to apply for a pre settlement funding loan.

Each year, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) release facts and statistics regarding commercial vehicle accidents and injuries. They demonstrate the scale of the problem. Consider the following numbers from 2015:

· 11,777,983 commercial vehicles were registered in the United States

· About 138,000 people sustained injuries in commercial truck accidents

· 4,337 people died as a result of commercial truck crashes

· 716 fatalities were occupants of the commercial vehicle and the rest were occupants of smaller vehicles or bystanders

Being involved in any accident is traumatic- if you are able- protect your rights as an accident victim. Here are things you can do in the aftermath of the accident.

· Call 911- If someone has not called already, you should do so immediately. If EMTs recommend that you go to the hospital, you should never fight them on this. Your health should be your primary concern. If you remain on the scene you can take the following steps:

· Gather information- Gather information on the back of the truck including the truck registration number and truck company name. Also, get the name of the truck driver involved and contact information for anyone who witnessed the crash. Use your phone camera to take pictures of the scene of the accident and vehicles involved.

· Be careful what you say- When speaking to law enforcement or to other parties involved, do not say anything that may be contused as admitting fault.

· Seek medical attention- If you did not need emergency transport, you should still undergo a medical evaluation to identify any possible injuries you may have. Having timely medical treatment is essential.

The seriousness of injuries that can result from a tractor trailer accident cannot be understated. And the legal battles that ensue can be lengthy. Personal injury lawsuit loans can bridge the gap while you recover from your injuries.

The strength of your case depends on all the common fact involved like in a car accident claim. For instance, if the driver was speeding, drunk driving, or fell asleep due to long hours, then this will strengthen the liability of your claim. And it will also increase your chances of approval for a personal injury settlement loan.

Injury Loans and Uber Accidents

Ride sharing services like Uber consider their Uber drivers to be freelance drivers rather than being directly employed by Uber, Lyft, or whichever ride share service we are speaking about.  This creates a difficult situation when evaluating these cases because normally employers are liable for employee accidents.  Rideshare companies like Uber run background checks on their drivers by screening driving, public, and criminal records of their drivers to make sure their consumers or passengers are in good hands. 

For accidents when on the app but not carrying a passenger, primary automobile coverage of at least $50,000 for death and bodily injury per person.  PIP and uninsured/underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage as required by existing state law.

When an Uber driver is in an accident and driving with a passenger, the primary automobile coverage of at least $1,000,000 is in place for death, bodily injury, and property damage.   

So, when a plaintiff is a passenger during an Uber accident, there is substantial insurance coverage to take care of any potential injuries.  Most commercial trucks carry a minimum policy of $1,000,000 so Uber coverage is inline with standard commercial coverage.  This is an important piece of the puzzle when applying for a personal injury settlement loan. 

There are increasing numbers of ride sharing services making the likelihood of more accidents on the road involving these drivers.  

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